In the last survey 92% of our customers said they were either satisfied, or very satisfied, with our overall customer service. We want this figure to rise to 95% by 2017. It is vital that every employee understands this target, and is clear how they can contribute.

Here are our new promises prompted by you;

P – Promote opportunities for improved health and employment.

R – Reduce the number of poorly insulated properties, and help to tackle and reduce fuel poverty.

O – Older people will receive the services they need to live happy, active and independent lifestyles.

M – Management of anti-social behaviour will be supportive and proactive, and we will work with others to tackle it quickly.

I – Involvement of you in our decision making, in the way you want to be involved. We will offer a wide range of ways in which this can happen.

S – Sustain our position as the most affordable landlord in the district, continuing to provide the best value for money.

E – Every neighbourhood will get its own plan, determined by the people who live there.

– Solve the affordable housing problems for at least an additional 4,000 people over the next 5 years.