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We ensure that fully effective governance is operating at all levels of the organisation. It is robust, adds value and offers genuine opportunity for residents to influence and scrutinise bdht’s strategy and service delivery.

The bdht board has ultimate responsibility for governance and the organisation. The board comprises of nine non-executive directors. Our non-executive directors are appointed based on a diversity of skills and experience, necessary to provide effective leadership and control of the organisation.

At least two board members will have had experience of being a tenant, leaseholder or shared owner of social/affordable housing.  The residents voice is at the heart of our governance structure. The Tenant Panel report quarterly to the Board via the Performance & Review Committee.  The Chair of the Panel is a permanent invitee to all Board meetings and can escalate any issue directly to Board.  bdht is committed to the highest standards of governance and has adopted and complies with the National Housing Federation Codes of Excellence in Governance and Code of Conduct for members.

Board Members

Barry Thompson

Chair of Board

Date of appointment: 2010

Mary Miller

Deputy Chair of Board

Date of appointment: 2016

Adam Wagner

Chair of Compliance Committee

Date of appointment: 2013

Peter Worthington

Chair of Performance & Review

Date of appointment: 2010

Rachel Ward

Chair of Remuneration Committee

Date of appointment: 2015

Vikki Holloway

Board Member

Date of appointment: 2012

Emma Windsor

Board Member

Date of appointment: 2017

Alison Fisher

Board Member

Date of appointment: 2018

Mohan Sandhar

Board Member

Date of appointment: 2018

The strategic vision and organisational objectives set by the Board are implemented by bdht staff led by the Executive Management Team comprising of four Executive Directors.

Executive Management Team

Mark Robertson

Chief Executive

Graeme Anderson

Director of Housing & Communities

Barry Stevens

Director of Asset Management &

Abi Holland

Director of Finance & ICT