On Wednesdays our phone lines will not be available until 10.30am. If you have an emergency please call 0800 0850 160. For routine enquiries and repairs or to pay your rent please log in to your mybdht account here


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Our Performance

At bdht, we deliver excellent services.

We have engaged with hundreds of our customers to understand what is important to them. Based on this, we produced our local offer to tenants which sets out a series of promises highlighting what we aim to do and the level of service customers can expect.

Our Tenants’ Panel monitors how we are performing against our promises through a set of local offer performance indicators. The Tenants’ Panel produces quarterly reports to Board members identifying any areas of under-performance. When this happens, officers develop action plans to improve performance. The Tenants’ Panel compiles an annual assessment of performance against our local offer, which will be incorporated into our annual report to tenants. Our local offer is supported by detailed service specific standards which are available to you by calling freephone 0800 0850 160.


Where we fail to deliver services in accordance with these standards, you can complain to us through our complaints procedure. If you wish to make a complaint, you can do this via mybdht or by calling us on 0800 0850 160.