Local school children help bdht bury Bromsgrove time capsule

BDHT-The Barbers
bdht, Bromsgrove’s largest provider of affordable housing, has been joined by local school children to bury a time capsule at its office at Buntsford Court.

The burial ceremony took place at 11.30am on Thursday 6th October after an idea from a bdht staff member to remember Bromsgrove how it is now and record what local children think it could look like in the future.

Posters designed by pupils at Sidemoor First School, Batchley First School, Charford First School and Sunfield in Clent, were placed in the capsule.

The themes were ‘all about me’, with children describing what they had enjoyed about 2016 and what they hoped for the future, and ‘my home in 2041’, which saw children draw how they thought their homes would look in years to come.

The capsule also contained hand print trees from local community groups, current town road maps, a bdht mascot designed by staff and a bdht year book with news articles and photos from this year’s staff conference.

Harry Chapman-Hart and Molly Downing, both Year 4 team captains at Sidemoor were present to help bury the capsule.

Mike Brown, chief executive of bdht, says: “We would like to thank everyone that took part in filling the time capsule with Bromsgrove moments and future imaginings, with special thanks to Harry and Molly for helping us bury the capsule today. The intention is that the capsule is discovered in 2041 and I fully intend to be coming back when I’m 85 to help dig it up.”